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So Long Cheerios… it was fun while it lasted.

So you may have been following our gluten free Cheerios saga.  I couldn’t do it — I lasted two days before I got bubble guts and was pretty convinced that it was low enough to cause problems in a cumulative fashion.

My husband, on the other hand?  He was convinced Cheerios were the next best thing to sliced gluten free bread.  It brought back childhood memories, childhood flavors and he started eating it every day.  Every day.

In the course of the time that he was eating them so regularly, he got sick twice.  Two pretty aggressive colds — one possibly being a flu.  He complained of more stomach pain during this time than he usually did and complained of diarrhea.  He kept telling me it was because he ate something at work or maybe he has other food allergies.  I’d been suspicious.

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Why Are We Celebrating Gluten Free Cheerios? – A response to Gluten Dude’s Post

First and foremost, I love Gluten Dude.  His blog and representation in the celiac community is huge and invaluable.  He’s an asset in the blogger community and is a great support for those navigating their disease.  This isn’t about disagreeing with him.  It’s simply my perspective.

Three days ago, Gluten Dude posted a exhort to the blogging community in relation to why people are celebrating Gluten Free Cheerios.  Many of the gluten free bloggers received free samples and some may even have gotten paid for their articles. See Gluten Dude’s original post here: Why Are We Celebrating Gluten Free Cheerios?

He continues his exhort by mentioning that we should not stand for subpar processing and an organization’s unwillingness to take a full step in the direction of gluten free.  We should matter more.  And while I agree with him, my MBA education kicks in and I can see the General Mills side of things.  The celiac percentage of the gluten free market is likely small in comparison with the market of gluten free fad dieters that care nothing for FDA guidelines, care nothing for ppm requirements, and care nothing for how things are processed – just that the title of “gluten free” is there.  For General Mills, celiacs were already not buying Cheerios and adding us into the market may simply not have been economically worth the extra effort when they could more easily get a “piece of the pie” so to speak.  The value of the Gluten Free Market is only expected to grow… in some ways, we knew that hurt us already.  It’s made our market more convoluted. In some ways, it’s helped us in it’s addition of a plethora of products we never would have been able to find in the grocery store even 5-10 years ago.

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Gluten free Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Pie style

I have a confession.  I’ve never made cheesecake before.  Not once.  In fact, last week was the first time I had even ever made a Key Lime Pie (and that actually came out pretty tasty).  But when I found this recipe for lemon blueberry cheesecake bars on Only Taste Matters… I got excited.  I got excited but I’m also pregnant…

So as I started on her recipe, I went on autopilot.  I started building myself a pie crust using my Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Graham Cracker Crumbs.  In a pie pan.  Her recipe is for beautiful yummy bars.  Well, then it was too late and I had to adapt. 

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Gluten Free Fad – Is it Hurting or Helping?

Walk into most grocery stores these days and you will find a whole (albeit small) section dedicated to “Gluten Free Foods.”  Not only this – but you will also find gluten free foods still scattered throughout the store.  Maybe strategically done by the grocer so you’ll buy more.

You’ll find cookies, and flours, and breads, and brownie mixes.  You’ll find cereal, cereal bars, and sweets galore.  Forget the fruits and vegetables.  You have your own aisle dedicated to replacing all the things you haven’t been able to eat on this new celiac buzz.

A research paper done by Lee, Ng, Zivin & Green reviewed the costs and variety of gluten free products available in several types of grocery stores and noted that (what we all know) gluten free products were twice as expensive as other wheat-filled products and was impacted by type of venue.

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This is your Brain. This is your Brain on Gluten.

We don’t fully understand the immune system.  We recognize, realize, and know that it is a defensive system; it sees a threat and attacks.  It senses a virus and alarms sound, “Intruder! Intruder!”

It raises body temperature to make the environment unlivable for viruses and bacteria.  It releases histamine, fighter cells, white blood cells and so many others in effort to regulate the body system and maintain homeostasis.

What happens when the immune system stops seeing invaders and begins to see itself as the invader?  This is the simplified version of what happens in the celiac.  Gluten comes in, spurs a response, immune cells go crazy and attack the person with celiac rather than the gluten.  The average person consumes 10 to 50 grams of gluten per day.  The FDA label guidelines for gluten free products is a gluten allowance of less than 20 ppm.  A celiac reacts to less than 20 ppm – what is happening in the undiagnosed celiac?

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It’s part of dinner! Naturally Gluten Free Homemade French Fries.

We love these fries!  We put together this recipe after doing some research on how to make french fries on a budget; without spending the cash on a pre-packaged bag and in how to get the flavors that we wanted.  I love the french fries at Five Guys Burger & Fries but can no longer do the peanut / peanut oil that it is cooked in — so while we have been able to safely get burgers there, I can’t justify the aftermath of the peanut oil on the fries.  These come as close as I can imagine getting to the texture / taste of their french fries with some new flavor in the seasoning.  They’re baked, and since most of us will have these seasonings and the olive oil already in home – it’s super cost effective!  A 10lb bag of russet potatoes costs us less than $2 at Fred Meyer here in Seattle.

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Bonding Over Gluten – The Love Story of Two Celiacs

When my husband and I first met, we bonded over a long night of cheap whiskey and jello shots. He drank beer, I drank the whiskey. It was awkward – obviously, the alcohol helped. Even in my slightly tipsy state, I remember the 0330 conversation we were having with a friend of ours about her boyfriend situation. She was getting sleepy in front of my fire place and was frustrated with the type of guys she was dating; she felt like they never had their crap together. I remember giving her advice and I wish I remember what he said but I remember how what he said made me feel. He said something brilliant – adorable, intelligent, completely reasonable. He said something that I would have said. I looked at him and for the first real time that night, I remember my heart going pitter pat. Shortly after that moment, he kissed me for the first time…

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Can We Eat Gluten Again? The Celiac Wonder Drug – AVL003.

Even if you don’t really know what celiac disease or gluten intolerance is, you know the treatment. Everyone knows at least that one person who says, “oh, I can’t eat that. I have… (fill in the blank) “ celiac, gluten intolerance, I’m trying to be gluten free for health reasons… et cetera. The treatment for these things is incredibly socially constraining and culturally limiting – you can’t eat gluten. It’s Seinfeld’s soup nazi becoming the gluten nazi in your body screaming “No gluten for you!” No bread, no soy sauce, no barley, no beer, no alcohols made from grain unless well distilled, no Starbucks Frappuccino Lights… on and on it goes.

While the last few years have spawned a greater awareness of issues with gluten and created a whole new range of gluten free foods, we still do not have any real “treatment” other than abstinence. We all know how well that has been working for the some of the schools out there with sex ed. Maybe that doesn’t really apply here but seriously – some of us may try to cheat on the diet and we pay for it. Or some of us are OK with paying for it. Personally, I can do without the brain fog…

But AVL003 is trying to change the game.

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