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When diagnosis becomes personality…

Food is inseparable from us.  We need it.  We could do without it for some time but our bodies know better; they stop functioning, they slow down processes, they limit their activity so they can survive minimally.  Our bodies do that without us.  It requires no cognition, no forethought, planning.  It just does.

With an over-abundance of accessible food in this country (poverty and homelessness excluded), we have grown to associate living with eating.  What’s thanksgiving without turkey and pie?  What’s a potluck at work without food?  What’s dinner without dessert?  We bond over meals.  We sit down at the dinner table and regroup about each others lives.  My husband and I chat about our days over dinner every night; we connect over food.  We’re having friends over for dinner tonight.

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Why Are We Celebrating Gluten Free Cheerios? – A response to Gluten Dude’s Post

First and foremost, I love Gluten Dude.  His blog and representation in the celiac community is huge and invaluable.  He’s an asset in the blogger community and is a great support for those navigating their disease.  This isn’t about disagreeing with him.  It’s simply my perspective.

Three days ago, Gluten Dude posted a exhort to the blogging community in relation to why people are celebrating Gluten Free Cheerios.  Many of the gluten free bloggers received free samples and some may even have gotten paid for their articles. See Gluten Dude’s original post here: Why Are We Celebrating Gluten Free Cheerios?

He continues his exhort by mentioning that we should not stand for subpar processing and an organization’s unwillingness to take a full step in the direction of gluten free.  We should matter more.  And while I agree with him, my MBA education kicks in and I can see the General Mills side of things.  The celiac percentage of the gluten free market is likely small in comparison with the market of gluten free fad dieters that care nothing for FDA guidelines, care nothing for ppm requirements, and care nothing for how things are processed – just that the title of “gluten free” is there.  For General Mills, celiacs were already not buying Cheerios and adding us into the market may simply not have been economically worth the extra effort when they could more easily get a “piece of the pie” so to speak.  The value of the Gluten Free Market is only expected to grow… in some ways, we knew that hurt us already.  It’s made our market more convoluted. In some ways, it’s helped us in it’s addition of a plethora of products we never would have been able to find in the grocery store even 5-10 years ago.

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It’s Pumpkin Season! Gluten free Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

It’s almost officially fall!  The weather here in Seattle is now becoming overcast, cloudy and rainy.  I’ve only been here in Seattle for a year and a half but am already in love with having a real fall season.  We came from Arizona.  If you’ve ever lived there, visited there, or done anything there… it stays pretty much the same color all year round.

I love fall.  I love rainy, cloudy, orange weather.  I love leaves falling.  More importantly, I love hot chocolate and fall flavors… like pumpkin.  So using my pregnancy as an excuse to feed my craving ideas, I decided we needed a Pumpkin Cheesecake in the house.  I adapted from a gluten filled Betty Crocker recipe to make this pretty gal.  Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t share the same love for pumpkin… oh well.  More for me!

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Recovery Bread – Pamela’s Sweet Honey Bread

As a nurse, recovery from a gluten exposure is not naturally intuitive.  Proper care of any stomach bug, stomach issue, et cetera, includes these steps: Bowel rest –> clear liquids –> full liquids –> BRAT diet.  If you’ve heard of the BRAT diet, for the celiac… it’s an expensive one — if you focus on the T in Brat. The T is often the easiest for non-celiacs.  BRAT breaks down to: Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast.  These are high starchy foods that are more readily digestible in an angry environment.  “If you’re nauseated, try saltines!”  Where the heck do you get saltines without hitting every single grocery store looking for them?  Gluten free saltines?  Medically, we don’t think about our recovering celiacs when we think BRAT diet.

During this pregnancy, I’ve craved starches.  Bread, pizza (basically bread with toppings on it), potatoes, and rice.  So it seems even more natural that, after being exposed to gluten on Monday, that I would just crave starches.  Unfortunately, the last few the mornings – I’m not tolerating food.  Bread, however? As a nurse, I know that’s a go to… so when I started craving bread last night I decided I was going to do something about it — and not run to the store to do so.

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The Celiac Kryptonite: Unexpected Exposures

You could say things were going so well.  I don’t remember the last time I was really glutened.  By “really” glutened, I mean with symptoms more than just the little head rush from something small.  I’m 25 weeks pregnant and hadn’t thrown up once this pregnancy.

My biggest gluten worry at this point had been the gluten free Cheerios we were trialing in the house (more on that in another post to come!).

This past Saturday, we found out about Han’s German Deli and went to check it out.  My husband, being in the states for the last 5 years now, squealed like a kid finding out about Christmas for the first time.  Apfelschole, Mettwurst, Butter kase, pommes sauce, Apfel Wein, imported Haribo flavors… german chocolates…

It’s amazing that we didn’t spend more.  We spent a little time in Germany since being gluten free and are quite familiar with the German words for wheat.  Germans seem to hide wheat into their chocolates.  He said he was reading all the ingredients… and I trusted him.

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Quick, easy, and tasty! Gluten Free Raspberry Coconut Macaroons.

Here’s a quick, easy, light summer recipe with lots of flavor!  I was surprised how well this one turned out —  My husband doesn’t love coconut and certainly won’t normally take a macaroon and even he was sneaking them from the kitchen counter on me. These are also easy to get creative with – add some lemon, add chocolate, add/take away other flavors pretty safely.  These stayed soft for us for several days – but be sure to bag them or put them in a container!  Gluten free products don’t keep in the air quite the same way as their gluten filled counterparts.

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Bonding Over Gluten – The Love Story of Two Celiacs

When my husband and I first met, we bonded over a long night of cheap whiskey and jello shots. He drank beer, I drank the whiskey. It was awkward – obviously, the alcohol helped. Even in my slightly tipsy state, I remember the 0330 conversation we were having with a friend of ours about her boyfriend situation. She was getting sleepy in front of my fire place and was frustrated with the type of guys she was dating; she felt like they never had their crap together. I remember giving her advice and I wish I remember what he said but I remember how what he said made me feel. He said something brilliant – adorable, intelligent, completely reasonable. He said something that I would have said. I looked at him and for the first real time that night, I remember my heart going pitter pat. Shortly after that moment, he kissed me for the first time…

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