We interrupt our regularly scheduled celiac related posts… for an announcement:


If you’ve been reading any of the other posts, the Baby part of Two Celiacs & A Baby has been a he/she or it combination. We had decided from the beginning that we wanted to know the sex and yesterday, we had the ultrasound…

And ohmy, it’s a girl.

Immediately, all the things about being a girl run through my head. All the things she’ll need to know about boys, about being a nice person, about managing daddy around those boys. Periods. All those conversations we will have to have about life, love, sincerity, honesty, heart break… and then those far away days of her finding love, walking her down the aisle, graduating school…

It’s a girl.

This means pink things. Lots of pink things. Princess-y pink things. I’m not good at princess-y pink things. Lucky for her, I think daddy will be better at princess-y pink things than I will. He already paints nails better than I do.

And sure… the pink isn’t a requirement, there might not be boys in the picture — it could be girls.  Maybe she’ll love green.  Maybe she’ll break every girl stereotype.  Maybe she won’t feel like a girl.  It doesn’t matter. I hope she’ll know she can be whoever she wants and already… at the end of the day, no matter what she picks, grows up to believe, goes through, what mistakes she makes… I have a feeling that she will always be our beautiful baby.

13 weeks

For those of you with boys and girls, what are your thoughts? Is one easier than the other? Are they different enough that it’s hard to compare?  Suggestions?  Tips?

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