Will the Baby Explode? Concerns for the First Time Celiac Mom

I have celiac disease.  He has celiac disease.  We’ve made a baby.  It’s still growing inside but I’m already thinking about it.  What about the baby and celiac disease?!

So they say that you can be at risk for celiac disease when there is a first or second degree relative involved.  The rates are up to 5-10% (I believe my doctor said as much as 15%) if you have a relative with the autoimmune condition.  Celiac disease is common with two gene types: HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8.  The numbers assume about 95% of celiacs have HLA-DQ2 and the last 5% have DQ8. Having the genes doesn’t guarantee celiac disease but it certainly makes it a more plausible scenario.  As it stands right now, I’m the only one in my family with this friendly auto-immune condition.  And so is he.  I am not, however, the only one in my family with auto-immune conditions.

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Hello, world… I’m here!

Well, how did that happen?  Do most people just wake up one day and say, it sounds like a good day to start writing a blog?  I’ve been thinking about this since I got diagnosed back in 2013.  It’s been there and had several iterations before you found me here.  This baby, though?  He, she, it, we don’t know yet — has changed everything.  It’s been one thing when the celiac impacts you — simply me.  It became another thing when my at-the-time boyfriend got diagnosed 2 months later.  But it was us.  It was us against gluten.

But now… I’ve been given 8 months to think about all the things out of my control with a little one on the way.  It’s our first and while I’m a nurse by trade — raising a baby is not on the list of things covered in nursing school.  Raising a baby that has a high propensity for celiac disease and not willing to bring gluten in the house to find out… is definitely not a course in nursing school.

Leave a comment.  Say hello and bear with me as we figure this out together.

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