So Long Cheerios… it was fun while it lasted.

So you may have been following our gluten free Cheerios saga.  I couldn’t do it — I lasted two days before I got bubble guts and was pretty convinced that it was low enough to cause problems in a cumulative fashion.

My husband, on the other hand?  He was convinced Cheerios were the next best thing to sliced gluten free bread.  It brought back childhood memories, childhood flavors and he started eating it every day.  Every day.

In the course of the time that he was eating them so regularly, he got sick twice.  Two pretty aggressive colds — one possibly being a flu.  He complained of more stomach pain during this time than he usually did and complained of diarrhea.  He kept telling me it was because he ate something at work or maybe he has other food allergies.  I’d been suspicious.

From my medical background, and my experience with my celiac disease — if you have inflammation promoted in the body, your body is overworking.  It’s distracted and not efficient at preventing other illnesses.  Colds and flus ensue.

Gluten = inflammation

Finally, this third trimester — I’ve been exhausted.  My motivation has been failing me so my grocery shopping failed.  We had other boxes of cereal in the house and he ate himself out of Cheerios.  Since he stopped eating Cheerios, he’s complained less about stomach pain, less about cramping and less about diarrhea.  I noticed.

He found some in the house, ate a bowl and began to complain the next day that he was nauseated, having bad cramping. He conveniently forgot that he had eaten them.  We went grocery shopping and he bought more.  The next day, he’s doubled over in stomach pain, cramping, bloating and complaining.  Other than the Cheerios and one other item, we had eaten the same things that day.  I was fine.  By then, I’m more than convinced it’s the Cheerios.

He’s finally conceded.  Cheerios are out. 

So goodbye, Cheerios.  It was fun while it lasted (for him).  He’s sad, but really, do what other companies do.  Change your blend for a “special gluten free” box or market a blend just for certified gluten free oats if you’re really going to eat the whole supply up.  Stop joining the hype of the gluten free diet fad… cause you’re still making the rest of us sick.

If you read my previous posts, I still believe we have to make our own choices, try things, and do what’s right for ourselves.  I have to — my husband did it.  Unfortunately for him, he’s learned the hard way.  It’s his approach to his celiac; his coping.  Somewhere in there… there’s a balance.  But if it’s making you ill?  That’s a good time to reconsider.

Here’s some more on General Mills and their approach to the GF Cheerios world.  Gluten Dude’s post shares how GM didn’t even test the contaminated and recalled boxes for some time.  Yet General Mills releases commercials about their Gluten Free Cheerios story and wanting to enjoy Cheerios with their family that can’t eat gluten… did they feed their family from any of those contaminated boxes?  I wonder if she’s still eating the cereal…

Did you hear about the recall?  General Mills on the GF Cheerios recall.

Nearly 2 million boxes of Cheerios effected.  Huffington Post.

Gluten Dude’s perspective on the Recall.


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