Hello, world… I’m here!

Well, how did that happen?  Do most people just wake up one day and say, it sounds like a good day to start writing a blog?  I’ve been thinking about this since I got diagnosed back in 2013.  It’s been there and had several iterations before you found me here.  This baby, though?  He, she, it, we don’t know yet — has changed everything.  It’s been one thing when the celiac impacts you — simply me.  It became another thing when my at-the-time boyfriend got diagnosed 2 months later.  But it was us.  It was us against gluten.

But now… I’ve been given 8 months to think about all the things out of my control with a little one on the way.  It’s our first and while I’m a nurse by trade — raising a baby is not on the list of things covered in nursing school.  Raising a baby that has a high propensity for celiac disease and not willing to bring gluten in the house to find out… is definitely not a course in nursing school.

Leave a comment.  Say hello and bear with me as we figure this out together.

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