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Can We Eat Gluten Again? The Celiac Wonder Drug – AVL003.

Even if you don’t really know what celiac disease or gluten intolerance is, you know the treatment. Everyone knows at least that one person who says, “oh, I can’t eat that. I have… (fill in the blank) “ celiac, gluten intolerance, I’m trying to be gluten free for health reasons… et cetera. The treatment for these things is incredibly socially constraining and culturally limiting – you can’t eat gluten. It’s Seinfeld’s soup nazi becoming the gluten nazi in your body screaming “No gluten for you!” No bread, no soy sauce, no barley, no beer, no alcohols made from grain unless well distilled, no Starbucks Frappuccino Lights… on and on it goes.

While the last few years have spawned a greater awareness of issues with gluten and created a whole new range of gluten free foods, we still do not have any real “treatment” other than abstinence. We all know how well that has been working for the some of the schools out there with sex ed. Maybe that doesn’t really apply here but seriously – some of us may try to cheat on the diet and we pay for it. Or some of us are OK with paying for it. Personally, I can do without the brain fog…

But AVL003 is trying to change the game.

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