About Me


This blog is the verbal home to my life.  I’m a 30 year old female; a nurse by trade.  I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2013.  My, now, husband was diagnosed only a few months after I was.  We were a non-celiac couple when we met.  (What are the odds?) We live in Seattle with our two husky pups.  Oh, and I’m pregnant!  We’re expecting our first wee one in December 2015.  My coworkers tease – “You’re growing a celiac baby!”  Could be — we don’t know and we’re not sure how to find out!  Keep reading to learn about our struggles, learn about celiac, share and stay in touch!  (Subscribe on the main site to get newsletter updates and follow on facebook!)

p.s. we’re disgustingly cute together.  we can’t help it.


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